Circle Spotting

Life is made up of circles – from our cells and snail’s shells to the cosmos and karma. They’re everywhere. And they’re saying something.

They’re saying a lot.

A slightly wobbly circle, filled in with a very dark shade of grey

I’m a circle superfan. Whenever I’m struggling, I find solace in circles. Some unexpected rounded reminder will appear and I’ll be comforted by the knowledge that:

  • Every ending is a beginning
  • Balance and movement can coexist
  • Completeness and eternity are on the same plane

every circle is a chance to remember that things work out

Circle Spotting is your prompt to slow down and see the circles all around.

If you’re lucky, you’ll feel grounded and patient.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll see which circles are moving around you, where you are in their rotations, and how you might change them.

The project itself was relatively short-lived, but I enjoyed it whilst I did it and still do my circle spotting without publicising it. The principles remain the same and there’s no time limit or permission required.

Keep your eyes nicely rounded and see what spins into view.

Slow News Day

Forget the politics, bloodshed, and doomsday reporting.

I’m much more interested in enjoying the quiet and silly stories that pop up when moving at a slower pace.

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