Snail Studio, written in a wobbly sans serif font. A wiggly, floaty shape sits above the writing.

freelance copywriting support for creative agencies

Need to call in the copy cavalry?

Sound the bugle, ring the bells, light the beacon.

Aha! A figure on the horizon? No, your eyes don’t deceive you, that’s not a horse. It’s.. a gastropod?!

A snail, moving purposefully to the right, with dark wiggles beneath it and cloud-like wiggles above it. Slow motion in action.

dependable delivery of delightful work

There’s an Australian phrase that politely translates to: “I’m not here to fornicate with arachnids”.

It means I’m here to get stuff done. No mucking about, just delivering on promises with minimum fuss and maximum flourish.

It shouldn’t be much of a selling point, but I’m surprised by how many agency clients appreciate that I deliver (great) work to the deadlines we agree.

“Joe is a very talented copywriter. He's extremely punctual, delivers quality on time and great at communication. Would highly recommend.”

experience: a shell of a lot

Before going freelance in 2020, I ran my own business as a chocolatier, worked in-house in cleantech and for an international charity, as well as agency-side with a content marketing agency.

Nowadays, I freelance regularly with agencies, as well as B2B and B2C businesses across tech, leadership and management, and FMCG.

“Joe is an exceptional copywriter with the ability to write about anything and make it fun and understandable for everyone. He delivers outstanding results with passion, intelligence and strategic thinking.”

ad-hoc or long-term, we can make it work

It’s agency life, I get it. Accounts change, clients come and go, tide goes in, tide goes out.

I can provide ad-hoc support when your team is a bit thin on the ground or you’ve got a monster project to deliver.

Or we can work together on a retained basis, with regular time in my calendar dedicated to you and your clients.

My day rate is £385

I price longer-term work (loosely) on my day rate, but also take into account the complexity and quantity of the work we’ll be doing together.

Slow News Day

Forget the politics, bloodshed, and doomsday reporting.

I’m much more interested in enjoying the quiet and silly stories that pop up when moving at a slower pace.

Subscribe if you’d like a weekly reflection from life in the slow lane—and a reminder that you can slam on the brakes and join me at snail’s pace, too.