Snail Studio, written in a wobbly sans serif font. A wiggly, floaty shape sits above the writing.

Welcome, welcome. Someone should be with you… soon? Hard to say, really. There’s a pretty strict coffee break schedule here. And then there’s often something to look at out the window, too. You know how it goes.

Feel free to have a look around. Recommend paces include: ambling, dawdling, or peregrinating (if you’re feeling fancy).

Whatever way you choose to traverse this website—the slower, the better.

A snail, moving purposefully to the right, with dark wiggles beneath it and cloud-like wiggles above it. Slow motion in action.

what is Snail Studio?

Snail Studio is the shell in which all my creative endeavours nestle.

It’s a celebration of creative curiosity, for those who appreciate the slower things in life.

This is a home for those who see the joy in leisure, distrust our collective obsession with busyness, and want to feel more in touch with the world.

"my"? can we cut this whole disembodied voice charade?

Snail Studio welcomes all and rejects none, but every shell has its snail and I’m the proprietor of this one. I’m Joe – freelance copywriter, slow newsletter writer, and constantly curious creative.

That’s all a bit… broad, isn’t it? Rigid structures, roles, and identities never quite felt right to me. I think that’s why I’m into doing things slowly—it leaves space for lots of little things to emerge.

A snail, moving purposefully to the left, with dark wiggles beneath it and cloud-like wiggles above it. Slow motion in action.

why so slow?

Because life is so much better at snail’s pace.

Despite the best efforts of the LinkedInfluencers, podcast pontificators, and Twitter thread supremos, I’m not convinced by the hustle. In fact, I’ve danced pretty close to that flame in the past and burned myself out in the process.

As you plod about this website, you’ll soon see why sticking to the slower path works so nicely.

Start by getting to know how I (very gently) run things around here:

Slow News Day

Forget the politics, bloodshed, and doomsday reporting.

I’m much more interested in enjoying the quiet and silly stories that pop up when moving at a slower pace.

Subscribe if you’d like a weekly reflection from life in the slow lane—and a reminder that you can slam on the brakes and join me at snail’s pace, too.